Rehabilitation Programs

Our team of rehabilitation specialists design inpatient and day patient programs for patients who have experienced acute surgery, prolonged hospitalisation, complex medical illness or bed rest resulting in reduced functional capacity.

Our Rehabilitation Team

Canberra Private’s team of leading rehabilitation specialists are dedicated to patient treatment across every facet of the recuperative process. Our multi-disciplinary team of rehabilitation nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, dieticians and psychologists provide tailored programs and assessment techniques working with patients throughout their rehabilitative procedures to help them realise their goals in recovery.

Areas of Treatment

Inpatient and day patient rehabilitation patients will have different needs based on the areas of treatment they require, the extent of their injury, illness or medical condition and their functional status. Areas of treatment range from;

  • Specific strengthening of weakened muscles
  • Exercise endurance
  • Independence through Assisted Day Living, necessary assistance devices and equipment
  • Promoting safety through wellbeing recovery
  • Self care retraining; undertaking household tasks
  • Work simplification and energy conversation techniques
  • Pain management
  • Falls prevention
  • Pressure management and prevention
Family members and carers are invited to come and discuss any issues that have arisen or be involved in all facets of the planning towards proactive discharge of patients.

Canberra Private’s multidisciplinary rehabilitation specialists maintain patient programs and treatment strategies. Our day rehabilitation programs will commence in February 2016. 

Realising Rehabilitation Goals

Each patient’s goals towards recovery are individual. This is why our team of rehabilitation specialists work with patients to devise a tailored program that provides safe, short and long-term mutually agreed goal setting. patients are monitored through their recovery and their progress tracked. Liaison within our multidisciplinary team is paramount in determining an effective outcome for each patient.


Excellent rehabilitation focused on individual needs, the rehabilitation team and nursing staff were all very professional.

Could not have wished for better treatment. All staff I encountered were friendly, helpful and professional, thank you to everyone.

Overall all the treatment and attention by all concerned was of the highest quality and greatly appreciated, all the members of staff were of outstanding quality and the friendliness shown by all of them made my time there quite enjoyable.